This fun event will include lunch, inflatables, carnival games, a corn-hole tournament with prizes and feature a live band! Plan to eat, play and stay for a while. Grab your lawn chair and plan on having lots of fun!


Will there be seating available?
There will be no seating so we suggest bringing a lawn chair or a blanket.

What if it rains?
In case of inclement weather we will still serve food inside the building, but we will not do any of the outdoor activities.

Where do I pick up my tickets?
Tickets can be picked up at the Children's Check In Desk from an Orange Shirt team member. There will be a box with all the tickets sorted alphabetically by the name of the person that bought the tickets.

Can I still pick up tickets?
Unfortunately all food tickets are sold out but feel free to grab your own food and enjoy the festivities with us.

No Alcohol
Since this is a church event we ask that you don't bring any alcohol on to the campus.


FOOD --11:20am
BALLOON TWISTER -- 11:30am-1:30pm
KONA ICE --12:15pm-1:15pm

Corn Hole Tournament Rules

First to 15 points wins.

Bags in hole count for 3 points.

Bags on board count for 1 point.

Bags that land on the ground count for no points (bags that bounce from ground onto board do not count).

No overhand throws.

Knocking opponents/own team's bags off board is legal.

Foot must not exceed front of board.

If bag is interrupted once tossed (ie someone else knocks down) will not count
and can re-throw.

Event Map